Game Drives

Vredenheim is home to a wide variety of game, including Sables, Blue Wildebeest,  Golden Wildebeest, Zebra, Springbok and Fallow Deer. Birdwatchers can keep an eye out for White Pelican, Hadeda, Blue Crane, Spur-winged Geese, Guinea-fowl and, if you are lucky, Fish Eagle, Jackal Buzzard an Yellow Billed Kite.


Climb aboard Vredenheim’s new game drive vehicle for an experience of our estate like no other, taking you through our game fields, cattle paddocks, vineyards, fruit orchards and alongside our Big Cats Park.

Your journey begins at our Tasting Room, where our guide will lead you to the game drive vehicle. Make sure you’ve brought your camera along, as you’ll want to start snapping photos as soon as the wheels begin turning! You’ll slowly make your way up and out of the estate, viewing a variety of game and birdlife in our fields – look out for zebra, ostrich, fallow deer and gemsbok, as well as our Angus cattle.

You’ll then head over the highway and into the field which our blue and golden wildebeest call home. These beautiful animals are a sight to behold – and especially the golden wildebeest, with its namesake colouring!

Our sable male and his females live in the adjacent field, which is also where our game drive vehicle will come to a stop for refreshments. Sip on a glass of our sparkling wine or grape juice and nibble on a delicious snack platter (think nuts, sweet treats and biltong) whilst taking in the spectacular mountain and farm views.

Afterwards, the route heads back along our main entrance way, but this time will circle around the barn towards the Big Cats Park. Whilst the game drive doesn’t enter the park, you’ll be able to sight our leopard, tigers and even lions from your seat. You’ll then enjoy driving through our vineyards and fruit orchards, getting a behind-the-scenes look at our farm, before heading back to the Tasting Room.

The entire trip takes 2 hours and includes a bottle of water, glass of sparkling wine or grape juice and snacks.