Our cats

Did you know that you can meet lion, leopard and tiger – up close and personal – without having to leave the beauty of the Stellenbosch winelands? It’s true, and they’re all waiting for you right here at our estate!

Brown Lions

We currently have two brown lions: Thabo (male) and Thandie (female. Our two brown lions are such good friends with one of our white lions, Savana, that they have decided to share their home with her.


White lions

We are home to three white lions, Savana (female), Priester (male) and Fonsi (male). As we mentioned, Savana decided to move out of their encloser so Priester and Fonsi are making the most of their shared bachelors.



Jessica and Titan are our two Bengal Tigers who we welcomed in 2012 as tiny cubs. Cheeky Jessica (female) loves being the centre of attention and enjoys giving Titan a hard time. Jessica’s constant efforts to annoy Titan aside, the only thing he loves more than Jessica is his food. You will usually find these two swimming in their private pool.


White Tigers

At the end of 2019 we welcomed Kira (female) and Fahari (female) to the Big Cats Park. One look at these two playing and pouncing on each other is enough to make anyone’s heart melt.



Our beautiful Rosco (male) joined the Vredenheim family in October 2019. You will always be able to catch a glimpse of him stretched out in a treetop or playing in the grass.



CJ is our beautiful African leopard. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful subject to capture in your camera lens!